Deal Or No Deal - Great Television!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Deal Or No Deal - Great Television!

Game show lovers gather around the television once a week for NBC's runaway hit show Deal or No Deal. This extremely popular and exciting hour long show is hosted by none other than Howie Mandel, the loveable stand up comedian who offers average citizens the chance to strike it rich.

Mandel's likeable nature and comical banter combined with the enthusiasm shown by contestants would make for good TV in itself. The real hook of the show though is the way the tension builds as deals are cut with the mysterious banker up in the shadows.

The game of Deal or No Deal does require some strategy, but ultimately it comes down to luck. The game involves trying to choose the case which contains 1 million dollars out of 26 cases which hold various dollar amounts. The cases are held and opened by 26 of the loveliest ladies on television. After selecting the case and placing it on the contestant’s table, then comes the process of eliminating the remaining cases and negotiating with the banker in hopes of walking away with the biggest pot possible.

When it is time to talk to the banker, Mandel picks up the phone and calls a shadowy figure in a glass booth. The banker will offer the contestant a dollar amount he can walk away with if he stops game play at the end of the call. The dollar amount offered depends on how many high dollar cases have been flushed out before the call. These calls create tension among the audience as everyone waits to see what choice the contestant makes. Some choices are good ones and earn money for the contestant and everyone is happy. Other times, the contestant will make the wrong choice and will walk away with a pot much smaller than he could have

Deal or No Deal takes the audience and TV viewers through the gauntlet of emotions: anticipation, indecision, the thrill of the win, and the disappointment of defeat.

NBC has created magic with their wildly popular game show Deal or No Deal. Interestingly, Deal or No Deal is a popular television game show in many other countries as well, each with their own version of the game. The game is suspenseful and the formula the show follows allows for the audience to bond right away with the contestant. The audience becomes drawn in and cheers and experiences anxious moments right along with the player. While winning the top prize does not happen very often, contestants can still walk away with a nice lump sum of cash and that is the ultimate goal of Deal or No Deal, and that is why millions of viewers turn in each week.

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