How Large flat screen TV?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

How Large flat screen TV?

Choose the right size large screen TV for your needs can be cooked in a simple formula. There are many things before you ready to make a purchase to be considered.

How big is the place in your living room, where to go the flat screen TV? There is no space around the TV for ventilation and Dolby Surround? How much you want to spend? Sitting in the extent to which the public?

They also want to know whether a reception room systemFit theater. Do you want more space if you install a wall mount instead of a TV to a discount or premium to buy big TVs? And, most importantly, how the neighbors feel?

• Measure the space where you install the TV. Subtract one foot to allow measurements of the structure and ventilation of the room. This gives you an idea of what plasma TV is part of the larger space (the course is five meters long and 50 "TV is necessary.)

• Big-screen TV screens are diagonally like all TV screens measured. The screen sizes are the most common 42 - and 50-inch - an inch, but many sizes are between 32 - and 108-cm - cm. Based on the television screens are measured diagonally, 50 "screen is a horizontal activity, are a bit shorter than 50."

• How high on the wall, you should put your plasma TV Put>? A wall should be slightly above eye level viewfinder. The bottom of the screen should be bigger than a foot above the eye level of seated adults. A tilt mount can be installed well above the vents and even the carpeting in the bedrooms.

• A careful buyer can find a brand of 42 - flat-screen HDTV for about $ 1,000 and 50 - inch for about $ 2,000. You can spend much more, but price plasma, LCD and DLP has declined in recent months.

(If you used are not familiar with some of the concepts mentioned above: HDTV plasma, LCD and DLP, you need the "Guide to Plasma TV 123rd Com Google")

• A wall mount takes up much less space than the mobile TV. Flat screen TVs than 4 cm thick, a flat wall mount adds 2 inches and the slope of the Mount of 4-6 cm. A television may be the demand for land, which varies between 6 inches and 10 inches.

• The size of exhibition table vary depending on style and do. Plan a table or shelf, with at least 12 cm deep and a minimum width of 6 inches above the bottom of the table.

• What is the area of space? The comfortable distance for a large TV screen is small, 6 to 10 meters, the largest plasma 6 can be seen up to 20 meters.

• Consider the space for all the accessories required for large screen> TV needs requires a TV) mount on the wall (or assembly, a home entertainment system with speakers and a digital receiver and DVD-HD.

• Last but not least, the neighbors will be envious when they see the new 50 - inch plasma?

Only you can decide to buy something, the flat-screen TV in the size of your family. A little planning, decisions, and much happier with a widescreen TV takes new!

It is as simple as 12 3!

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