The Future Plasma TV and LCD TV

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Future Plasma TV and LCD TV

Although the two plasma TVs and LCD TV displays a large image, if thin, there are many significant differences between the two devices.

Plasma TVs are bigger than the LCD monitor and measure about 42 cm. The size of LCD is about 37 cm. But a 42 - inch LCD TV would be $ 1,000 plus the cost of plasma TV. s The LCD weighs less credit in the plasma. Plasma TVs are bulky and do not require permanent installation. They are well structured to avoid overheating due to constant use with adequate ventilation.

Plasma TVs show a contrasting background and therefore very suitable for films, as you can enjoy the theater experience at home. LCD-TV-s "are usually brightly checked and if necessary, when the lit room. Plasma - s> TV" I do not know if the room is dark. At the same time published the LCD TV 's strong rays when the room is dark.

You can check the TV from different angles to where the plasma TV to use. The convenience that is not in the case of the LCD available, because it has a flat screen. When the mouse pointer, you can still feel the loss of brightness.

But there are drawbacks if you have a plasma TV. IFTO a video, often on an image for a break. These images are often kept permanently engraved on the screen. At the bottom of the screen, text or logo other networks are often the interruption of the beholder. The estimated lifetime of a plasma TV is about 25,000 to 35,000 hours.

According to the expectations of Alfred Poor's, LCD TV is still expensive compared to other TVs.

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